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Joining the FARM in the VELD Community


Are you passionate about sustainable agriculture, supporting local farmers, and enjoying the goodness of fresh, pesticide-free produce? Look no further than FARM in the VELD! In this article, we invite you to join our vibrant community by becoming a partner restaurant or subscribing to our seasonal boxes. Discover the benefits of partnering with FARM in the VELD and how our wholesome produce can enhance your dining experiences or elevate your home-cooked meals.

  1. Partnering with FARM in the VELD: Enhancing Your Culinary Offerings:

  2. Learn about the advantages of becoming a partner restaurant with FARM in the VELD. Explore how our sustainable and high-quality produce can enhance your culinary offerings, attract conscious diners, and align your establishment with ethical regenerative practices.

  3. Farm-to-Table Collaboration: Embracing Local and Seasonal Goodness:

  4. Discover the farm-to-table collaboration opportunities offered by FARM in the VELD. Explore the benefits of incorporating our fresh and diverse produce into your menu, showcasing the flavours of the Cradle of Humankind and supporting local sustainability initiatives.

  5. The Convenience of Seasonal Boxes: Subscribing to FARM in the VELD's Offerings:

  6. Learn about the convenience and joy of subscribing to FARM in the VELD's seasonal boxes. Explore how our curated boxes, filled with wholesome produce, can bring the freshness of the farm directly to your doorstep. Experience the variety of seasonal offerings and the satisfaction of supporting sustainable agriculture.

  7. Discovering New Flavours: Exploring the Bounty of Each Season:

  8. Delve into the ever-changing flavours and culinary possibilities that come with FARM in the VELD's seasonal produce. Learn about the unique fruits, vegetables, herbs, infusions, and medicinals that are carefully selected and packed in each box, allowing you to explore new tastes and expand your culinary repertoire.

  9. Supporting Ethical Agriculture: Making a Positive Impact:

  10. Understand the significance of supporting FARM in the VELD's ethical regenerative practices. Learn how your partnership or subscription contributes to sustainable agriculture, local food systems, biodiversity protection, and a healthier environment. Become an advocate for positive change.

  11. Embracing a Sense of Community: Connecting with Like-minded Individuals:

  12. Join the vibrant FARM in the VELD community and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for sustainable agriculture and wholesome food. Engage in events, workshops, and farm tours, and be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable and connected food system.


By becoming a partner restaurant or subscribing to FARM in the VELD's seasonal boxes, you can be a part of a community that celebrates ethical regenerative practices, supports local farmers, and enjoys the bountiful goodness of fresh and pesticide-free produce. Join FARM in the VELD and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and flavourful future. Together, we can make a difference and savour the natural goodness that our farm has to offer.

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