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Exploring the Journey of FARM in the VELD's Ethical Regenerative Practices


FARM in the VELD takes pride in its ethical regenerative practices, which form the foundation of our commitment to sustainable agriculture. In this article, we will delve into the journey of our farm, exploring the various practices and principles we embrace to nurture the land, protect biodiversity, and promote a sustainable future.

  1. Regenerative Agriculture: Restoring the Land and the Ecosystem:

  2. Discover the concept of regenerative agriculture and how it goes beyond sustainable practices. Learn about the techniques we employ at FARM in the VELD to restore soil health, increase biodiversity, and mitigate climate change, resulting in a thriving ecosystem.

  3. Water Conservation: Harnessing the Power of Crisp Mountain Springs:

  4. Explore the importance of water conservation at FARM in the VELD. Learn how we utilise the pure mountain spring water available in the Cradle of Humankind to irrigate our crops efficiently, minimise water waste, and maintain the ecological balance of the surrounding areas.

  5. Biodiversity and Pollinator Protection: Cultivating Harmony with Nature:

  6. Learn about the measures taken at FARM in the VELD to protect and enhance biodiversity. Discover how we create habitats for beneficial insects and pollinators, and how our diverse crop rotation system promotes ecological balance and reduces the reliance on chemical inputs.

  7. Composting and Soil Health: Nurturing the Foundation of Our Farm:

  8. Explore our commitment to building healthy soil through composting and regenerative soil management practices. Learn about the benefits of compost in enriching soil fertility, improving nutrient availability, and sequestering carbon, contributing to a sustainable and resilient farm ecosystem.

  9. Pesticide-Free Cultivation: Embracing Natural Pest Management Strategies:

  10. Discover how FARM in the VELD maintains pest and disease control without the use of pesticides. Learn about our integrated pest management strategies, such as crop rotation, companion planting, and beneficial insect release, ensuring the health and safety of our produce and the surrounding environment.

  11. Community Engagement and Education: Sharing Knowledge, Inspiring Change:

  12. Explore how FARM in the VELD actively engages with the community and educates others about sustainable agriculture. Learn about our workshops, farm tours, and collaborations aimed at inspiring change and fostering a deeper connection between people and the food they consume.


FARM in the VELD's journey is one of ethical regenerative practices, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and a harmonious relationship with nature. Through regenerative agriculture, water conservation, biodiversity protection, composting, pesticide-free cultivation, and community engagement, we sow seeds of sustainability that benefit not only the land but also the health and well-being of our customers and the wider community. Choose FARM in the VELD and be a part of our journey toward a more sustainable future.

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