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CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is a global informal initiative to re-align human relations with the earth and the sustainance it provides. 


CSA prefers small-scale regenerative farming as a viable alternative to the chemical dependant, extractive agricultural industry that has divorced consumers from nature and threatens to destroy the environment in which we are meant to thrive.


Indian Line Farm, Brookfield Farm, Edible Uprising Farm

Our Membership

As a member, you will share in the transformation, integration and support of our community. 


Our farmers are from local on-farm and informal settlements, many of whom have not previously enjoyed employment or purpose – all of whom lacked opportunity. Their enthusiastic learning and commitment is testimony to their indomitable spirit and the dedication of our experienced farmers, imparting their skills and inspiration. 


Our partner farms are aligned with our belief that there is a better way to live together, to eat, drink and take pleasure from our existence.


Members are invited to join the farmers and our guest experts planting, nursing, harvesting and producing their crops and products on the days announced on our website


or by prior arrangement with Jason or Paul at for groups wanting to deepen their understanding and the enjoyment of connecting to the source of their food.

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