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Our Story

FARM in the VELD is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project on the kopjes of the Cradle of Humankind, in the Kromdraai Valley, where regenerative soil is fed by crisp mountain springs, waterfalls and rills from ancient geological formations.


We farm bio-diverse vegetables, fruits, herbs, infusions and medicinals using ethical regenerative practices, free of pesticides, full of natural goodness for our partner restaurants and subscribers for seasonal boxes, packed with wholesome produce of the utmost quality and taste.

Our produce is ethically grown, full of flavour and character, eschewing the artificial perfection of the synthetic supermarket environment, where your spend supports extravagant advertising campaigns and exorbitant boardroom salaries before the well-being of the soil and those who work it.

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

*CSA is a global informal initiative to re-align human relations with the earth and the sustainance it provides. 


CSA prefers small-scale regenerative farming as a viable alternative to the chemical dependant, extractive agricultural industry that has divorced consumers from nature and threatens to destroy the environment in which we are meant to thrive.


Indian Line Farm, Brookfield Farm, Edible Uprising Farm

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